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3 Surprising Things Breeders Look for in a Good Guardian Home for Dogs

If you are looking for ‘puppies near me’ to add to your family, there are a few things that breeders look for to ensure that their puppies go to the best possible guardian home for dogs. Unless you want to be one of the people that send their puppy to the pound because you cannot take care of it, you should make sure you adhere to all the breeder’s standards.

1 - Have You Done Your Research?

According to The American Kennel Club, the first thing that a reputable breeder will do when evaluating a potential guardian home for dogs is assess how much you know about the dog you want to adopt. They will ask you several questions like:

  • Are you aware of the exercise needs of this breed?

  • Do you know about potential health conditions?

  • Does this breed have specific dietary requirements?

  • Can you care for your dog should they develop a hereditary condition?

2 - Can You Afford Your New Dog?

An important factor that will determine whether breeders of ‘puppies near me’ will approve your adoption of one of their dogs is whether you can afford it. They will not be asking you for proof of your income, but they may look at the condition of your home to determine your financial standing.

However, they do this for a good reason. According to the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Science, the average person spends more than $3,000 to care for their dog in the first year. This figure includes food, shelter and veterinary costs.

3 - Do You Have Children?

A large majority of individuals are shocked to learn that having children has a big impact on a breeder’s decision to let you adopt one of their dogs. However, this is a crucial factor in the adoption process. You may feel like it is unfair, but the breeder's main priority will always be the safety of their dogs.

Certain breeds of dogs require large amounts of care. This means that their owners will need to have a lot of time to devote to them. People with children may not have this luxury. Another concern in a home with children is the safety of the dogs. Certain breeds are very delicate and may be injured when mishandled by children.

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